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  • What do I do to prepare?
    Not much! You just need to be showered, lotion, makeup, and deodorant free when I arrive. Have something darker and loose to throw on after.
  • What do I wear during my spray tan?
    You can wear whatever makes you feel comfortable, NOTHING bothers me! If you want it tanned, let's tan it! If you choose to wear panties or a bra, that's totally fine, my solution is water-based and won't stain!
  • Where should we do the tan?
    I'll bring a pop-up tent so we can tan anywhere in your home! No mess! Garages are my favorite though...lots of space and usually good lighting!
  • How long does the spray tan session take?
    10-15 minutes.
  • Do you have different levels of color?
    All tan colors are fully customized to meet your needs. I have two setting solutions: 1. Regular Tan (8-10 hour set time): This solution adjusts naturally to your skin tone. 2. Rapid Tan (2-4 hour set time): This one you rinse based on how dark you would like to be. They both last 7-10 days, the only difference is the rinse time.
  • What should I wear after my tan?
    Immediately after, I recommend something dark and loose. After 30 minutes, your tan is dry and you can put on whatever you want and go about your day.
  • How long does the tan last?
    The average tan lasts from 7 to 10 days, depending on the aftercare attention and the general nature of a person's skin.
  • What are the aftercare instructions?
    Not much! Tans are very easy to take care of. Rapid Tans: Please rinse, with no soap, at the time I instructed you to rinse (2-4 hours). You may use lotion but no soap. Regular Tans: Just shower anytime after the 8-10 hour mark and keep the tan moisturized! Moisturizing makes it last longer and fade nicely.
  • Is there a lotion you recommend?
    Any lotion works! I recommend using a non-oil-based lotion. Sunkissed sells an amazing tan extender lotion called Puttin' on the Ritz, that I created and developed myself. It not only keeps your tan moisturized but makes it last longer too!
  • How often can I get them?
    I like the tan to be completely faded before spraying you again - so usually once every 10 days. Some can handle once a all depends on your skin and activity level.
  • Is the tan safe you expecting and nursing mothers?
  • What is DHA? Is DHA sunless skin therapy safe?
    DHA is a simple sugar and non-toxic to the skin. Because its reactivity is quite high, it reacts very quickly with the amino acids on the top layer of the skin. Therefore, it cannot diffuse into the deeper skin layers. Sunless tanning only tans the outer layer of the skin, unlike a UV tan which penetrates deep into the skin and can cause cancer. DHA has been available on the market for over 40 years and is FDA approved.
  • What forms of payment do you accept?
    I accept cash or credit cards.
  • What is your Shipping Policy for Products?
    FLAT-RATE SHIPPING Orders are generally shipped within 72 hours (Monday - Friday) using U.S. Post. Standard is 3 - 5 business days. A flat rate shipping fee of $5 applies to all orders shipping within the U.S. Additional shipping fees may apply if shipping outside of the U.S. The shipping fee is exclusive of taxes and discounts. LOCAL DELIVERY During checkout, enter your address and choose the ship option. Click the "local delivery" button. Local delivery is available for addresses within Hilton Head Island only. Orders placed before 3pm during operating hours (Monday - Thursday, 8am - 7pm) will be delivered the next day we are open. When your local order is ready for delivery, you will receive an email or text with delivery time information.
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